Hello everyone, I'm a 2D Rigger/Animator that has been working for the past 2+ years on the upcoming side-scrolling action adventure game called "The Talon Moon" from Aerie Digital. It's a fantasy 2D side-scrolling action RPG about one warrior's struggle with devotion and faith!

These are showcases of two of the more complex rigs I've created in spine. Every rig that I've created has multiple perspective views within one skeleton as well as multiple skins. Most of my rigs also include facial rigs that are connected to every perspective view.

I'm currently available for hire. You can check out more of my animations and rigs in my online portfolio.

Art owned by: Aerie Digital /

Jorra (the main character)
Character created by: Aïda De Ridder /

Her facial rig

The Shin'Kari (main enemy race)
Character created by: Harrison Brown /

I'm currently working on better videos to demonstrate how I went about implementing all these views to one skeleton. I'd also love to get in touch with the developers of spine to talk about a possible method of implementing a feature that would simplify this in spine.
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The videos and rigs look great! Feel free to start a thread to discuss features that might help your rigging and workflows.
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