cocos2d-x runtime, new videos!

March 25th, 2013

It’s been a while since we did an update. Be sure to watch the editor and runtimes Trello boards to stay up to date. Subscribe to a board or individual tasks to get notified of any progress.

The generic C++ runtime is now complete, as well as the SFML and cocos2d-x runtimes which use it. Soon we will also have the cocos2d-iphone and Torque2D runtimes complete, then we’ll move on to Unity and C#. After an initial stall due to fixing up some issues with the Spine editor, runtime development is picking up speed!

In other news, we have some new videos available to help you be more productive when using Spine. Also be sure to see the advanced examples from the coding workshop which demonstrate mixing, procedural animation, Box2D integration, and more. More videos and proper documentation is in the works.