New Mac OS X OpenGL backend

March 14th, 2013

Starting in version 1.2.0, Spine has all new code for dealing with OpenGL, which is used by the editor for all rendering. This affects a ton of stuff: window creation, OpenGL initialization, drawing, input handling, etc. Stability on the Mac should be much improved. Note this only affects Macs — Windows and Linux are unchanged.

We’d be very grateful if you can try it out and report any issues you find in the forum post.

The new backend took quite a lot longer than we planned. Special thanks to Mario Zechner for wrapping GLFW so it can be used from java. You can see from the commit logs it has been a whole lot of work. There may be a few kinks over the next couple days, but we are happy to get this behind us and to start working in earnest on the runtimes.